Large Storage Sheds

There are different types of sheds available to be used for various storage needs. One of these is a large storage shed. This type of shed is commonly constructed using wood and has features that are similarly found in residential houses, including windows, roof, and power outlets.

Because large storage sheds offer more space, they are more expensive to build compared to usual sheds. Large sheds may also have additional amenities like balconies, porches or some furniture – it all depends on how you want to use the shed.


Since sheds are commonly built for storage purposes, it is a common perception that large sheds are only used if you have a lot of stuff to store outside your house. Although this is the most obvious, there are other reasons beyond storage for purchasing or building one:


Like the common storage shed, a large shed is used for keeping stuff like old furniture, lawn and garden equipment, etc. Basically, anything you want to store and things you need to keep outside your house (pesticides, other chemicals, etc.) can be locked in a shed for safekeeping.


For hobbyists of DIY projects, a large shed can serve as your workshop where you can work on your projects. You can customize your shed to function as storage for your tools and project materials and at the same time designate an area where you can move around freely while working on your project. This will keep everything you need organized in one place and ready to use whenever needed. If you have small children at home, a separate place for tools and other things that may cause harm is recommended. Making a workshop outside your home is a good way to prevent your children from playing with your equipment.


Nowadays, people are finding new ways to work without actually going to an office far from their homes. A large shed can be converted into a small office, away from distractions, and just located outside your home.

Temporary house or cabin

If you have land that you want to use, but that is not big enough to build a house on, opting for a large shed can be a good alternative. You can either build your own cabin, according to how you want it to be, or purchase pre-made sheds that are available in different sizes.

A large storage shed can also be used as a temporary residence while building your own house or as a guest house for visitors so they can have their own private space. Without spending much, you can insulate the building, add panels and put up walls. You can also have a small kitchen and bathroom and other necessities that are not fancy but still enough to get by.


Converting a storage shed into a place where you and your family can relax can be a cost-effective way to trim your budget; instead of going out to celebrate or get together with relatives and friends, you can easily host gatherings in your own backyard. Equipment such as table tennis tables, kids’ playhouse and other activities that may require space can be comfortably used here without having to worry about breaking furniture and other things inside your house.

Things to consider before installing a large storage shed in your yard

Cost and Installation

Size is a huge factor in determining the cost of installing a shed on your property, aside from the building materials that you choose to use. To cover no more than 100 sq. ft., you can build a shed that will last long without requiring a foundation to be built. If you are on a working budget, it is important to set your priorities.

Think about your storage needs and other uses that you need the shed for. Will you need electricity, water and other extras? These little things will also add up to your whole budget, that’s why it is important to think about every detail.

If you are thinking of using the shed for only a few years, you may opt for a lightly engineered shed. However, if you want to use the shed for a longer period of time, with some of its value retained in the property value, investing in higher-quality construction materials is recommended.


There are actually two spaces that you need to consider for your shed, the space you want to have inside and the space you have outside for your shed to be assembled. Even if you have a small area, it is still necessary to have the extra space around your shed for people to move around it comfortably while work is done.

Customizing the space inside will depend on the purpose of your shed. If you build it for work purposes, like an office or a workshop, consider the area you need for desks, for your tools and for the actual work space. By dividing the space inside beforehand, you can adjust the size of your shed accordingly if you think it’s too big or too small for your needs.

Design ideas

Nowadays, sheds have become an extension of one’s home. You can design it however you want it to look and, again, depending on how you will use it. You can opt for streamlined designs, or decorative or something that will match how your house looks like. Just remember that your design choices will also influence the kind of materials that will be used, as well as the lighting and ventilation inside.


A large storage shed can take some time to build, especially if you have needs other than storage. If you are going to build it yourself, make sure to have a timetable and build it during summer so you won’t have problems with your materials getting drenched in rain unexpectedly. If you have friends or other people who will work with you, set schedules to make sure that you won’t be bothering anyone.

Building Skills

If you are a newbie in building projects, building a large storage shed will be more practical and safer in the hands of experts. Remember that you will be building something similar to a house, and if you or other people are going to be in it frequently, safety is your top priority.

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