Facts About Choosing the Right Types of Wood Shed Plans

You might be a homeowner who likes to take on different home improvement projects, both small and large. In many cases, the projects that you start are due to a specific need or a preference that you are addressing. Some of the main projects may be located on the inside of the home, while others may be outdoors.

Whatever the case, it is essential for you to know why they are needed so that you can choose the projects that will yield the best investment or those that will solve a problem you want to correct.

With that being said, there are some projects that you can take on because you need to solve or a prevent a problem from occurring at home. One of the most notable involves a place to store items outdoors.

For instance, storing wood for the fireplace in the house can present a number of problems, so homeowners who want to solve this situation by building a wood shed can begin this project as soon as they have the financing and the time available.

Taking on these type of projects does not have to be difficult since you can avail yourself of plans that are available in a variety of different forms and from all kinds of sources. From retail home improvement stores to sites online, you have the option of picking and choosing a specific wood shed plan that will suit your needs.

With all of this in mind, it is also important to note that there are many benefits to using these plans, some of which are presented below in a basic overview, along with facts about choosing the right wood shed plan for your needs.

Basic overview of wood shed plans

Wood shed plans can be ideal home improvement ventures for those who like to work on various outdoor projects in the backyards of their homes. The type of wood shed that you build is often dependent on several factors, especially what kind of wood shed you want to build. In some situations, you may prefer to build a wood shed from prefabricated sheets, while others may have a specific design in mind that is customized to your preferences and tastes.

Whatever the choice may be, these types of projects normally require minimal previous experience since they can be done relatively easily by following the specific wood shed plans you have secured. When following step-by-step instructions, these wood sheds can be very durable because they are made with sustainable materials that will last for many years to come.

Before you begin this kind of project, there are a number of things that must be considered, especially because you will need to select a plan that’s suitable for your level of expertise. For instance, the plan you choose may be for those who have very limited to no experience with constructing a wood shed to those that may be for an advanced level with all kinds of different previous experience in construction jobs. So, you will need to choose the type of wood shed plan that applies to your specific situation as you get started.

Simple wood shed plan

 Armed with a good plan, you will be able to build a shed to last you for years to come. Here is a simple how-to guide to building a shed:

Think about your needs

Check your local zonal codes when building a shed. See if a permit for construction is required and secure one if needed. Consider your need for the shed – are you going to use it as a free-standing storage unit or for something else? This step is important as a basis for the size and overall features of your shed.

Prepare the location

Level the terrain and put four large concrete blocks on the corners. This is a cheap method to make the footing for the shed but, if you want to make it more stable and permanent, you may pour a concrete slab. Measure the diagonals and adjust accordingly, making sure that the space is square.

Build the floor frame

Use 2×4 lumber to build the floor frame. The joists should be equally spaced and use a spirit level to ensure that the floor is horizontal. Drill pilot holes in the rim joists first before putting in the screws to prevent the wood from splitting. Drive 3” screws through the rim joists in the beams.

Install 1×6 / 2×4 slats leaving a small space between them for airflow. Align the boards before locking them with 3” screws through the slats in the joists.

Put the 2×4 beams into place and secure with 3” lag screws. Trim the top ends of the side beam at 15°, for a proper slope for the roof.

Use 2×4 lumbers in building the rafters. At both ends of the rafters, make 15° cuts. Put the perimeter rafters in place. Use 2×4 treated lumber for these. Level the components and securely lock them in place using C-clamps. Install the rest of the rafters and make sure that they are aligned properly on both ends before screwing them in place.

Attach roofing sheets. Use ¾” tongue and groove plywood and secure it to the rafters with 2” steel wires. Let the roof overhang enough to hide the trims. Cover the whole roof surface with tar paper and install asphalt shingles one at a time. Secure with a nail gun and ½” screws.

Side walls

The back and side walls can be installed in a number of ways, but the easiest and most affordable way to do it is by using 1×6 slats and attach them to the corner beams from the inside. Leave about 1-2” gaps in between for enhanced airflow to dry wood faster

Protect the wood from damage and decay caused by the elements by applying several coats of varnish or water-resistant paint. 

Thousands of designs available in the industry

Fortunately, today there are also thousands of designs available that you can make your selection from, many of which can be tailored to the surroundings of the home. These plans can also be customized to the actual purpose of the wood shed since its usage can vary from one homeowner to the next.

Wood shed plans must also consider the overall appearance based on your specific needs and personal preferences. This means that if you want to use a wood shed plan that already exists, you must factor in several different considerations as you start this kind of home improvement or extension project.

Another important fact that you should know before making a wood shed from a plan that is already available on the market is that these plans are easy to obtain from a variety of different resources. While some people may search local retail stores in their specific areas, others may prefer to shop for wood shed plans by using the internet.

The choice is up to you and what you are looking for as you are making your final decision. For instance, when you are searching for the best wood shed plan, you might want to look for specific sizes, styles and other requirements that will perfectly fit the outside environment of your home.

Focus on the one top priority in choosing the best wood shed plans

In many cases, there is one top priority that you must consider, particularly if you are making your selection on criteria that allow you to choose a plan for a specific location on your property. It is important to consider a variety of different needs prior to selecting any type of wood shed plan.

With this in mind, this type of selection process usually involves your need for a wood shed plan that fits a specific space, especially if it is being built in the small backyard of a home. Therefore, you will need to know if the wood shed will be built on one side of the property or will take up the entire backyard.

Additionally, since some wood shed plans provide details for sheds of more than one size, you may be able to build a wood shed that fits a large size yard instead of a smaller size.

The plans that you select must be a reasonable size, especially if you want the wood shed to fit perfectly to your backyard space. You should make sure that it has a relatively decent capacity if you want to use to it store various things in it for later use.

On the other hand, you should also make sure that the wood shed does not become an eyesore, specifically in cases where it obstructs a view or will restrict any future plans for adding other things to the landscape.

Many times people like to add a wood shed in the back of the yard to store things like excess firewood. So, one of its primary uses is to protect the wood from the natural elements such as wind, rain and sun. With that being said, you must accurately measure the area so that the correct space can be allocated for these plans.

It is also important to note that there are a vast number of wood shed plans on the internet from which you can choose. To find the right kind of plan, you should make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for before you begin your search. Before you begin, you can search online, or in magazines for a general idea of what kind of shed will fit your needs.

Once you have a specific idea in mind, you can begin your search for a wood shed plan that incorporates all your requirements and features. In specific, the plans that you choose must include precise dimensions that will be used along with a complete list of required materials. This information is essential for choosing the materials and allocating funds so you know the total cost of construction prior to getting started with a monumental job in the back of your home.

Consider the versatility of modern wood shed plans

As previously stated, there are a wide array of choices today of different kinds of wood shed plans from which you can make their selection. However, the type that is selected must be based on the size of the yard, the types of materials used, and the location in which it will be constructed. In the past, the older model sheds were normally constructed of wood.

Today, there are additional options including building these sheds of metal or molded plastic. Because these materials can be utilized, you can also select a variety of different styles and designs that complement your home.

Even though many of these alternatives exist today, many still opt for wood when building their sheds. This is because wood can offer additional advantages that steel and plastics do not provide, since these alternative materials are normally less flexible in creating a unique design.

For instance, when steel wood plans are used, the pieces required for building the shed are made of precut sizes, and you are only required to assemble the wood shed onsite. Therefore, if you want to make any changes, you are restricted in doing so.

Unfortunately, this can present major problems, specifically in the cases or situations where the windows or doors cannot be placed in the appropriate locations and you are forced to make compromises that really do not fit your specific design needs.

On the other hand, when you use wood materials, they are not forced into this kind of bottleneck situation because you can make design changes that suit the requirements needed.

Comes in different packages with extras

If you have a problem choosing one specific wood shed plan, there are other options on the market. Therefore, you may want to select a package deal that fits a variety of different purposes and situations.

For instance, some of these options come as a complete package that contains a wide array of roofing techniques, foundations, materials and weather-proofing requirements. Even though they may not be a significant part of the initial project that you are taking on, they may be incorporated in another project later on.

For instance, in addition to the details provided for constructing a wood shed, the complete package may also contain design notes on how to build furniture, pool houses, smaller sheds, boathouses and the like, thereby, saving on other costs for future home improvement projects around the home.


When you want to start a new project on the inside or outside of your home, it is important that you do your research well in advance. As previously stated, some projects are meant to enhance the appearance of the home, while others may be meant to solve a specific problem or storage need.

In situations where you want to store wood for the fireplace and other unwanted items inside the home, adding a wood shed in the backyard can be more than appropriate.

Before getting stated, understand the project so that you are able to choose the right design, and materials. You will have to know the exact dimensions of the site where your shed is going to be located, and what, if any, features of this site you will have to adapt your project around.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of data online that addresses how to build a wood shed in the back of your yard using different wood shed plans. These plans are numerous so they can be secured from a wide variety of sources.

Choosing the best plan, however, will entail numerous considerations including the size of the wood shed, the style, and the materials used to create a unique design.

You will need to do a thorough job of researching the industry and what is available as you compare what is needed for your construction job. These wood shed plans are great for both the novice and those with previous experience so you can select the best type for your needs.

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